Predictive Real-time Data Analytics is about using the data once it has been generated and is available to make predictions and automate processes.
Predictive Realtime Data Analytics


Digital solutions are drastically changing the way we work. Sensor networks and edge devices collect data from capital equipment that can be analyzed and converted into algorithms that, for example, help the operator or Lab manager predict and prevent failures.

Make strategic, data-driven decisions

To guarantee quality, Synergy Data Solutions has a Predictive Real-time Data Analytics solution. By using our Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform , a lab manager or QA will be notified at all times as soon as an anomaly is detected, giving time to respond to prevent escalations. No manual checks on, for example, temperature measurements or the possibility of missing a malfunction. The Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform monitors the data and parameters 24/7.

Whether it’s a clean room or other equipment for which you want to use the Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform, no facility is the same, customization is key to ensure that our Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform is what you need and when you need it. Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform can be used separately per department, per device, time of day and at any time of the week. Also condition variables and escalation protocols which are essential are included in the system by default.

It is crucial for the Pharma industry to be able to prove (traceability) that the high-quality and expensive medicines have been stored under the strictest and best conditions, the appropriate temperature and in a controlled environment and this makes the synergy data solutions solution possible.

From the point of view of maintenance of the equipment and the environment, our solution can also be used. Think of this by identifying when maintenance is needed and informing the parties appointed for this purpose.

By using Predictive Real-time Data Analytics, a Real-time Monitoring System or similar solution can possibly be replaced. Such solutions have a very high impact on the budget and entail high costs, such as the costs of sensors, licenses for the use of the software, Mapping, validation and possibly also costs substations and not to forget the annual maintenance costs.


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