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Team Sales

Our sales team is responsible for meeting the sales goals. The team consists of sales representatives and sales specialists who work parallel to meet monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals. The crew in this department focus on the sales generation, customer acquisition and business growth.

Team Development

Our development team consists of highly skilled AI and Deeplearning developers that work together to develop our Predictive software. The complexity requires adaptability as technical challenges arise and business requirements evolve. It’s an agile development team that will seek to meet the challenges of our costumers.

Team Consultancy

Our consultants are experienced in translating a high-level idea, supporting the design, development, implementation and project-management of hospitals, life science, oil and gas and other types of industries and facilities. Our consultancy team is well-trained, focus on quality, and customer satisfaction.

Team Operations

Our Operations goal is that everything runs smoothly from one day to another. They maximize processes and procedures while meeting customer expectations. The team formulate strategic and operational objectives, find ways to increase quality of customer service and perform quality controls.

Team Support

Our support teams goal is not an easy one, the team is always facing new challenges accompanied with new ways of solving issues, answering a wide range of questions and requests, providing timely and accurate customer feedback and providing support in the form of procedural documentation.

Team Back Office

Our back-office is responsible for market research, gathering and processing research data. Assisting and coordinating with the sales team, the front office team and assisting with inventory control. The back-office team also organizes staff meetings and updating calendars and assisting and supporting management.

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