With the solution Predictive Realtime Data Analytics platform of SYNERGY Data Solutions consistently watching over your Food Manufacturing Facility, the fear of product loss and contamination will be a thing of the past.
Predictive Real-time Data Analytics

Food Manufacturing

The food manufacturing industry has the responsibility of ensuring that the products they produce and offer to the public are of high quality, and safe. This safety includes, but is not limited to, verifying there is no contamination.

Safety first for the highest Quality

Managing documentation and analyzing procedures, critical limits, and control points, and establishing corrective actions are time and energy consuming. Implementing a Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform adds more time in your day to focus on quality and safety by bringing on a trusted partner that facilitates to analyze the process from beginning to end, with a dedicated Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform to do the rest for you.

If foods are contaminated at any stage, from production to consumption, the hygiene of the food is compromised, depending on the temperature, humidity and pH values of the environment it is stored in, and the food then becomes potentially harmful to human health.

To ensure quality, we start with a 24/7 Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform complete with real-time alert notification. This means a member of the team gets notified the moment a system enters into alarm, granting them time to properly address the situation, and react in a manner that saves the product involved.

No more manual checks for temperature readings or the possibility of missing an outage. The automated system will continually analyze this information for you and alert you in real-time through the Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform on your computer system or any mobile device.


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