Let the Predictive Realtime Data Analytics platform keep a careful watch over the life-giving blood at your facility or laboratory.
Predictive Real-time Data Analytics

Blood and tissue banks

Synergy Data Solutions offers a Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform (365/7/24) with real-time notifications for both applications, regardless of whether you need to analyze the temperature of a single refrigerator or thousands of devices or want a complex solution to analyze various parameters.

Serving the Community

To maintain blood safety, we begin with a 24/7 Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform complete with immediate alert notification. This means a member of the team gets notified the moment a system enters into alarm, granting them time to properly address the situation, and react in a manner that saves the product involved. No more manual checks for temperature readings or the possibility of missing an outage. The Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform will continually analyze this information for you and alert you in real-time through the Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform on your computer system or any mobile device.

The flexibility and scalability of the Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform means that it can analyze any location, from cold storage to incubators, in any size facility. From a small, single facility, up to a complex, multi-location facility, your Predictive Real-time Data Analytics platform can adapt and grow as your organization does.

With the option to function as a standalone system or a fully networked environment that can simultaneously analyze hundreds of appliances, you don’t need to worry when adding refrigerators, freezers, or other appliances in your facility. The system has unlimited capacity, making it easy to adjust to where you are and what you need.

By using Real-time Data Analytics, a Real-time Monitoring System or similar solution can possibly be replaced. Such solutions have a very high impact on the budget and entail high costs, such as the costs of sensors, licenses for the use of the software, Mapping, validation and possibly also costs of transmitters and not to forget the annual maintenance costs.


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